Play Equipment

Climbing Nets & Rope Structures

Our innovative and classic rope structures can be customised at any stage to create your ideal play environment. Manufactured at the highest quality by the originator of, Space Nets, Corocord, our rope structures will stand the test of any vigorous participant with warranty offered up to 20 years.

School Age Structures

Structures that are suitable for ages 4-12 range from traditional play structures through to modern climbing nets and digital play items. No school’s needs are the same and Kompan and Corocord’s range of equipment includes structures that provide a comfortable level of risk for students while allowing for ample play value for many users at one time.  School Age Structures include the PCM Moments Range, Simply Play, Corocord, Robinia and others.

Early Childhood

Play based learning for 1-6 years is vital to children’s cognitive, gross motor, language, sensory and imaginative development. Kompan prides itself on their research into early childhood play and development of structures which attribute to these developments. Kompan playground equipment is designed with littles users in mind ensuring scale is correct. Imaginative themes encourage communication and an understanding of the world.

Early childhood structures include products from the PCM Moments range, Simply Play, Robinia, Imaginator and others.

Youth Play

Teenagers growth is so rapid it’s important that play equipment can keep up with the demands and ever changing nature of desirable play. KOMPAN structures suitable for ages 10+ help develop agility, balance, coordination, speed, endurance and strength while also providing places for socialising or hanging out. Being active is most important and KOMPAN acknowledges that boys and girls require different means of play at this age. Activities that are challenging and somewhat daring are the most popular for the boys and spinning and swinging are more popular amongst girls. Youth structures include products from the Freegame, PCM Moments, Elements, Robinia, Corocord and other ranges.

Themed Play

Children love to pretend and design their own stories. Kompan themed playgrounds help form these adventures and encourages social interactions, participation, role plays and friendships. Kompan have pirate, transports, castle and adventure themes found in the Moments, Imaginator, Robinia and Corocord Ranges, choose your story!


To be fair, play must be Inclusive. A belief in inclusive play runs deep at Kompan, who have been leading the charge since the American with Disabilities Act’s Accessibility Guidelines for Play Area were written. The act states that if there are equal number of elevated play activates as there are ground activities, the playground can be defined as “Universal Design” and “Play for All”. Kompan Design their products to be used universally and to accommodate activities must be relevant for all children of all abilities.

Six Principals for Inclusive Design:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Multifunctional (when possible)
  3. 360˚ Design (play from all sides)
  4. Equipped with diverse play opportunities
  5. Clear in colour and design signals
  6. Provided with special solutions for special need when relevant

Nature Play

Kompan natural play equipment ranges spark children’s adventurous imagination and their connection to nature. Activity trails and obstacle courses can be designed to test physical abilities with natural cubbies, net structures and themed play encouraging imaginative adventures. Kompan recently extended the Robinia range to include fantastic castles and exciting ships.

Play Sculptures

Sometimes a playground will look so interesting that one may think its an art piece. Beautifully designed landscapes may require a playground that is sculptural and aesthetically pleasing to the eye and Kompan and Corocord have developed structures that do just this while delivering high play value. The Bloqx 3D Climbing walls and Galaxy structures don’t look like your typical playground and Corocord Loops and Frisbees are also ideal with their smooth lines and transparent appearance.

Digital Play

Digital play combines modern play with interactive computer games and outdoor fun. The ICON range allows for individual play or team play which can involve discussing play strategies, rules or simply competing against each other for hours of fun. The SMART playgrounds are aimed at a younger audience where fairy tales are themed in outdoor play designs which combine age appropriate physical challenges and virtual games supporting learning, edutainment and fun.

Moving Equipment

Equipment that is dynamic and creates movement in a playground supports motor and coordination development in children while encouraging their participation and cooperation with others. The Kompan Supernova is one of the most unique and successful spinners designed for play, as the spinning ring encourages cooperative play across all ages and abilities, while being extremely fun to use by many at one time.

Sensory & Sound

Encouraging sensory experience in the playground is becoming all the more important to support communication and language development. Kompan have many play panels to encourage sensory experiences such as the Music Panel that includes chimes in tune that can be used by two children at one time. Play by Design also partner with Sonarc to specify outdoor percussion instruments and talking tubes for those that want to create rhythm and sound in the playground.

Water & Sand

Nothing beats the feeling of sand! The versatility of it when its either dry or wet allows for hours of fun. There are all sorts of exciting games to be played with water. It can be cold or warm, you can let it splash over your hands or you can jump around in huge puddles.