The Progression of Fitness

Technology these days…

There’s nothing more important than promoting the idea of being active and participating in regular physical activity. We’re currently in an age of a technology boom where any piece of information is potentially at your fingertips and we tend to move from screen to screen throughout the day. Are we at that point where we use our computer all day at work or smartphone to keep up with the latest social or news events and then use those same screens as a means to substitute activities in our free time. I think we’re all guilty of it to an extent. I think it has become too easy to take this path and tell ourselves we’ll go for that run/walk tomorrow or get back into the gym next week.

So we know physical activity is important but what are we doing about it?

Local governments and communities have been working together, both realising the importance of physical activity, to improve availability of innovative and fun means to exercising. More and more public spaces are adopting outdoor fitness hubs with versatile equipment. Kompan are leading the charge by creating unique, cost effective solutions for these areas. The Kompan X-ERCISE equipment range allows for a balanced training of the body, designed for 15 years and up, also being particularly suitable for seniors. Kompan also appreciates the role technology is playing in our lives and uses this to an advantage of the user. Kompan has included individual QR (Quick Response) codes that link equipment to animated exercise tutorials. They’ve also gone one step further with the Kompan App. The App can guide users on exercise and nutrition, while motivating them to stay active, similar to an online personal trainer. I think Kompan has hit the nail on the head with the combination of technology, which is appealing to many users, and offering unique spaces to not only improve physical skills but emotional and social skills too.

More benefits!

I’m also a believer in the therapeutic benefits of being outside amongst nature whilst exercising, compared to that of being in a gym. I’m not saying gyms are bad, they definitely have their place but having the ability to interact with your surrounding natural environment whilst enjoying your training outside just seems idealistic to me. I don’t always think it’s a conscious realisation because when the trainings tough the natural environment is the last thing you’re probably thinking about! But subconsciously that feeling of satisfaction for completing your workout and breathing that fresh air…yes please.