When collaboration and custom playground design converge

Play by Design and Kompan Australia prides itself on our experience in collaborating with Landscapes Architects, Architects and Designers to create one of kind playground projects for Clients.

We have been invited to work on some amazing projects over the last 5 years including structures that have never been seen in Australia and in the world, though we haven’t been alone in this process. In 2014 Kompan International announced its creation of the Kompan Design Studio (KDS) a specialist team of industrial designers, artists, playground designers and engineers. This mix of professionals assist Play by Design us to bring the inspiring ideas and visualizations of playground creations to life.

One of Kompan/Corocords proudest custom projects included the Weibsaden, School Loops by Annabau in Germany in 2011. A fundamental reason for the project’s success was the collaborative process between Annabau and Corocord and a mutual understanding of the two firms experience and their value to the project. Annabau worked extensively with Corocord on their design intent to create the infinite Lime green loop which included balancing steppers, swings, hanging pommels, curving netscapes and membrane slides.

The project was such a success to the community of Weisbaden that Kompan sought permission from Annabau to develop the concept of the loops into 5 standard loops products available in the Kompan/Corcord rope range. Seeking design permission to develop such an idea is vital to Kompans honest collaborative design role in the play industry while acknowledging the creative process that Annabau took to imagine the loops in real life.

Play by Design and Kompan strongly believe in protecting the creative process taken by design professionals and respecting the time, energy and commitment to developing one of kind projects for clients and children around the world.

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